Defy the status quo. 😈

Less is more.

It's not what you think.

This isn't about minimalism in the context of “stuff” and “things”.
It's about something I am learning and experiencing as an entrepreneur.
I do so much less…
and I make so much more.
This is something I could never have with working a full time 9-5 job.
My financial projections of My Gold Standard affirm that I will be continuing on this path of abundance and I honestly am still processing that this is my life now.
I know tons of entrepreneurs in the industry that I am in who are making $50k to $100k months, and a year ago I would've told myself, “Sure, that is possible for THEM but is it possible for me?”
I now know, that anything is possible in entrepreneurship.
It's not all rainbows and butterflies (queue Maroon 5)…
  • every milestone I reach, I am always heartbroken by the grief I have that I don't really have parents to be “proud” of me. My Dad passed away when I was 24, and I am estranged from my Mom. I have an incredible support system of chosen family to celebrate these wins with, but it still feels incomprehensibly lonely. This month was HUGE for me, and I still ended up sobbing into my partner's arms how isolating I feel with the grief I have.
  • I am still not in a place where I can be financially independent (yet). My partner covers most of the bills and I contribute to our savings and variable spending. BUT, I do think I am in a place where I could be financially independent if I lived in a low cost city. This makes me happy to know.
  • Running a business is an investment. I invest about 60% of my revenue back into my business. 30% goes to taxes. Then, the remaining 10% goes to saving up for a cash flow buffer. I set that 10% aside because I know that there might be a time where business might be slower. For example, last month My Gold Standard's revenue was $2,225. This month, it was $10k. This isn't because I am in a scarcity mindset. This is just me honoring the seasons of my business. Some seasons are for harvesting, and some are for planting.
Even with all the above to consider and hold space for…I am not working myself to burn out and exhaustion.
I used to work 60 to 80 hour weeks, which resulted in $15 to $20 an hour. My body knew this was abnormal, but the work culture was very much affirming that “this is just how start ups are” and that “it will slow down when we hit x goal”. 
There was always a new goal to hit, so yeah. It never slowed down, lol.
I was expected to make my whole life about the company. This was and still is, bizarre to me.
If I did not make my whole life about the company, I was painted as a “disloyal employee” that didn't “care enough” about the mission.
Even in my OWN business, I don't make it my whole life.
Now, I am reminded to honor my seasons.
There are seasons of doing
there are seasons of being.
The first three months of the year is always the time where I feel the MOST creative, vibrant, and productive. I can do a lot and have an immense, unwavering focus.
As we transition into fire season, oddly enough, this is my season of being. I go more behind the scenes in my business.
For example, I am slowly down so I can take this time to learn more in my field. The world of financial literacy is always evolving. 
I am also revamping my website and getting more clarity around what additional offerings I want to have.
Even though I am slowing down and heading into a season of being and “doing less” I know I am projected to still make more.
This feels really good. I feel hydrated. Balanced. Grounded. At ease. 
This is why I love entrepreneurship.
It doesn't have to be your main stream of income. 
In my case it is. However, there is so much freedom when you cultivate multiple streams and learn that you are capable of making money in creative abundant ways.
You are capable.
If there is anything to take away from this money love letter today, it's to never forget that you have power.
The system wants you to.
But don't.
Defy the status quo.
I'll be here in spirit, rooting for you.