Money Love Letters

  • Giving is less vulnerable than receiving.

    I have been thinking a lot about receiving. The pandemic has been a time where I had to learn to really receive. When the pandemic first hit, my pa...
  • Define what is priceless to you.

    I want to share a conversation I had this week with a soul friend of mine, Gaby of Joy Pursuit. We have been friends since 2014 and since then, we'...
  • Death, Grief, and Money.

    End of Life planning and even “After End of Life” planning requires so much empathy and patience. Losing a loved one to death is very traumatic and I have always said financial education and guidance absolutely needs to be trauma informed.
  • All Debt Isn't Created Equal.

    Unfortunately, our culture behind debt literally feeds that shame and guilt. I see articles putting debt on a moral pedestal or, debt has now been categorized in such binary terms such as good vs bad.
  • Is Money *Really* The Root Of All Evil?

    The root lies deep within the individual(s). And I believe that lie has been fed to us all to believe that being abundant means that we are bad, that we are causing harm, and that by having money we are inherently evil.
  • Treat Yourself: A Thought On Emotional Spending

    Our emotions tell us so much. It would be a shame to bypass our emotional experience when it comes to spending, making financial decisions, saving, investing, and even making money.
  • It's Them, Not You: Salary Negotiation

    Salary negotiation, or even pricing your business, is not just about knowing your worth. It's about finding those that do.