About Me

Who's Stella Gold?

Hi there! I'm Stella (they/them), the creator of My Gold Standard. I am a certified trauma informed financial wellness educator and Money Optimist. I believe in getting financially educated and liberated, having supported over 300+ individuals in defining their own meaning of wealth and success. My path to financial education was an unexpected one, as my background is in psychology and storytelling. However, in 2015 I lost a parent unexpectedly which left me, my mother, and sibling drowning in grief and financial anxiety. From this experience, I made it my absolute mission to turn my grief into gold and teach myself all that there is to know about money; not just the literacy, but how it shows up in our body, mind, spirit, and emotions. As a queer, first gen filipinx american, creating My Gold Standard empowered me to use my voice, live my truth, and embrace my own personal revolution.

What is your revolution?

My revolution is community. healing. pause. love. abundance.
My revolution is patience. process. inspired action. 
My revolution is togetherness, responsibility, pleasure. 
Most importantly, my revolution is financial liberation for all.

Why "My Gold Standard?"

In the 19th and early 20th century, the gold standard was a system which defined the value of money. While this system isn’t used in any government in the world, there is still a lesson here.

The lesson is other people have defined your meaning of wealth, prosperity, and success. I say f*ck that noise. The real person that should be defining all of these things is you. 

My Gold Standard invites you to reflect, discover, and create meaning behind your relationship with money and rewrite your own money story.