Money Rituals (Bundle)

Money Rituals (Bundle)

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Want to start being more intentional about your relationship (or lack there of) with money but don't know where to start?

These money rituals are all about creating intentional space for your finances. I don't mean just paying the bills. Yes, that's a part of it. But there is so much more to money than just a transaction.

Money supports our wellbeing, our goals, our livelihood, our DREAMS!

If you want to get more curious about how money shows up for you in your mind, body, heart, and spirit these downloadable journal prompts of reflections are the perfect way to begin your journey. 

This Money Ritual Bundle comes with the following:

  • Weekly Money Ritual
  • Money Anxiety Ritual
  • Money Shame Ritual
  • Feelin' Rich AF Ritual

Available for immediate download!

Note: If you are a client, these money rituals are inclusive to our work together!