PAY UP: Salary Negotiation Coaching

PAY UP: Salary Negotiation Coaching

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My Gold Standard wants money and the opportunity to create abundance to be intersectional AF.

Are you tired of being told to "know your worth" when you do, in fact, know your worth, OR to "get over imposter syndrome"? Then this is for you.

I believe you do know your worth.

They are the ones who don't. The gender, racial, and LGBTQ+ wage, wealth, and opportunity gaps are no secret.

Because it's them, not you.

During our 1:1 session together we will learn how to…

  • Honor our ancestors and our continued fight towards financial liberation
  • Unapologetically embrace our hype
  • Establish your dream total compensation package
  • Figure out your “ASK” number
  • Plant the seeds for a promotion
  • Craft the most stellar negotiation pitch

What's included?

  • A two hour salary negotiation coaching session
  • a workbook that will give you the clarity, encouragement, and precision in your ask for a raise AND a promotion
  • E-mail/text support through your salary negotiation process
  • Upon receipt, you'll receive a welcome e-mail from yours truly along with time to book your private salary negotiation session with me

Salary negotiation is all about growth. It's all about moving up. Most importantly, it's about paving a way to close the wealth AND opportunity gaps for QTBIPOC, women, and nonbinary people.

It'd be an honor to make history, together. 💸