About My Gold Standard

Hi there! I'm Stella (they/them), the creator of My Gold Standard. I am a trauma informed financial wellness educator and Money Optimist. I believe in getting financially educated and liberated, having supported over 300+ individuals in defining their own meaning of wealth and success. My path to financial education was an unexpected one, as my background is in psychology and storytelling. However, in 2015 I lost a parent unexpectedly which left me, my mother, and sibling drowning in grief and financial anxiety. From this experience, I made it my absolute mission to turn my grief into gold and teach myself all that there is to know about money; not just the literacy, but how it shows up in our body, mind, spirit, and emotions. As a queer, first gen filipinx american, creating My Gold Standard empowered me to use my voice, live my truth, and embrace my own personal revolution.


I, half-jokingly, told Stella I wanted to both spend more money and save more money. She showed me that was possible and truly became my economic spirit guide. With Stella's patience, communication, financial knowledge, and constant support I was able to set realistic weekly budgets, learn to invest, plan short and long-term goals, set up a will, and arrange a cross-country move. More than anything, she's an incredible human who has taught me so much more than the power of a high-yield savings account — anyone who works with Stella will be changed for the better.

Samantha S.

When we began working with Stella, we struggled paycheck to paycheck with no real savings. After only a few months, we learned how to stick to a weekly budget and save for exactly what we truly needed. After two years, we have fully funded our emergency savings account and most importantly, feel in control of our finances. We especially enjoyed Stella’s non-judgmental approach and her warm and sincere personality. She is the financial planner you have been waiting for- proven experience and a motivating personality to keep you on track through the most difficult times.

Debbie & Adam N.

Stella took my life from a financial mess to solid ground. I met her when I had massive amounts of business debt on credit cards, no savings, a crappy car and crappy rental. Two years later, my fiancé and I now OWN A HOME, I’m almost completely out of debt (#Summer 2021 goals) and we have everything we could possibly need plus now planning a family and a future that’s beyond our wildest dreams. Financial clarity is the most amazing feeling ever and Stella gave that to us.

Caitie M.

When I first started seeing Stella, I was living paycheck to paycheck with virtually no savings. I knew I needed to make a drastic change to reclaim control of my finances and start making smart money decisions for my future, but didn't know where to start. Stella laid out a roadmap for me that was easy to follow, flexible, and helped me actualize my goals in a judgement-free space. My relationship with money has completely changed, which is to say that I no longer have shame about my finances. And Stella gave me the tools to realize that.

Shadi J.

Before working with Stella, I was confused and frustrated by my financial situation. I didn't know how to prioritize eliminating my credit card debt, save for long term goals, or enjoy myself today, which made me feel like I wasn't succeeding in any of those areas. Stella helped me make sense of my current positions and together we built a simple, clear strategy that's been extremely effective and easy for me to follow. Thanks to her I now feel more confident in my financial present and future than I ever have! Plus, working together was way more fun than money conversations had any business being.

John H.

Stella is absolutely INCREDIBLE. She made me feel supported on so many levels from the get-go. I was lost when it came to handling money (other than just being terrified of losing it and stressing to save however I could), and now I feel empowered to take control over my finances, save more effectively, and start to invest. Stella made it possible for me to negotiate a 25% salary increase and guided me through every step of the way so I could earn it with CONFIDENCE. It's like therapy for your financial world.

Ellie M.

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