Define what is priceless to you.

I want to share a conversation I had this week with a soul friend of mine, Gaby of Joy Pursuit. We have been friends since 2014 and since then, we've never experienced “small talk” between us. We dove deep since Day One. 

I decided it was time for a proper catch up. My favorite time to catch up with friends is in the morning, when I am having my cup of coffee and hearing the birds singing outside my window. We started talking about our businesses, the journey of entrepreneurship, money, and our mental health.

We both shared how two years ago, we were making the most amount of money ever in our lives. We had an abundance of savings and were both traveling the world.

We also were exhausted, completely burnt out, working for companies where we were miserable at, and both struggling with our mental health. Panic attacks and PTSD episodes were the norm during that time in our lives.

I told her, “Gaby, since starting my businesses I make less and have less money. But I have more joy, more love, more time, more freedom, and most importantly, my f*cking sanity. Those things are priceless to me.”

She responded, “Yeah, sure, I have ”less money." But have more of everything else, too. So, I'm good with that."

I share this because we all want to make more money. But, at what cost? 

Sometimes, we do so to survive. We need to make money! We've got to eat, put a roof over our heads (and our families), and pay for our basic needs. There is no shame in using your current financial situation to do just that. It is okay to leverage where you are at, too. This is what I did to start My Gold Standard.

What got me through is reminding myself that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. That this compromise was one that is temporary.

So now, both Gaby and I are in places where we are making less money and have less money - but HOW we are making money is completely in alignment with our hearts.

We also both know that the money will come. 

And that it won't come at such a high cost. The cost of our wellbeing.

I invite you to reflect on what is priceless to you.