Is Money *Really* The Root Of All Evil?

Science says money does buy happiness. #moneyoptimism

Thank you for being in community, with me, here in this loving newsletter.

Today I meet you with uplifted spirits. It has been difficult to feel optimistic in a world like this.

There is so much suffering and it pains me. Since I moved to the Bay Area, a place where I experienced so much trauma, so much suffering, I have been exploring the relationship I have with suffering and how that relates to optimism.

Let us start with the definition of optimism.

op·ti·mism /ˈäptəˌmizəm/

  1. hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.

This definition does not entirely resonate with me, but it did spark my curiosity. In a world where toxic positivity and spiritual bypassing is the norm, optimism means something entirely different. To me, optimism is, in a way, synonymous with resilience. Here is my definition.

  1. the courage to move through suffering, knowing that joy can coexist in the presence of that suffering. That all emotions, even anger, grief, pain, and sadness, serve a purpose and the belief that the purpose is to live a life of truth and joy.

Optimism is all about honoring all dimensions of the human experience.

I was listening to an episode of On Being, one of my favorite podcasts. The guest was Joe Henry, a Grammy award musician who is survived Stage IV cancer. Here is a quote he shared on the podcast that I live by every day:

“If you cut yourself off from great sorrow, you also cut yourself off from great joy.”

Ah, these words get me every time.

So, how does this all relate to money? I am sure you are wanting me to get to the point by now. A year ago, I was given an assignment in the Money Makers course I am in to create my “Elevated Identity.” In that, I wrote that I wanted to be a Money Optimist and become the expert at Money Optimism.

I am sure you have heard of the saying that money is the root of all evil. This comes from the Bible, specifically, Timothy 6:10.

Let me just gently and respectfully tell you that I believe this saying is a lie.

What people don't understand is that money is just a tool. Just like a hammer is a tool. And tools, can be, weaponized. I do not want to completely dismiss that money can be used as a weapon because it can. It has been used by people, by systems made up of those people, to inflict harm.

But money is not the problem. Money is NOT the root. The root lies deep within the individual(s). And I believe that lie has been fed to us all to believe that being abundant means that we are bad, that we are causing harm, and that by having money we are inherently evil.

And so, we carry so much shame around being abundant. By having money. I really want to change that narrative. More so, add a different narrative.

That money, could be, dare I say, the solution to all evil.

I encourage you to embrace these findings that support my Money Optimism philosophy.

Now, I take a deep breath and say thank you. I love being here with you all. I truly do.