Wealth Is Sacred.

I send you this money love letter from San Francisco, embodying the message above so, so much.
Wealth is sacred.
What do you feel when you read that? Do you believe wealth is your birthright?
I do.
I believe that wealth can, and should be, cultivated in nourishing ways.
I believe wealth is a resource that everyone should have access to.
I believe having wealth breaks the generational cycle within your lineage of not having enough.
I also believe that having wealth breaks the generational cycle within your lineage of having so much, hoarding it, and not using money as a tool that can heal. A tool that can nourish. A tool that empowers the collective.
It's both/and.
There is so much shame in making and having money. There is so much guilt wrapped around building wealth.
My last money love letter, I shared with you all my word of the year is expansion.
But really, it's not just for me.
Expansion is for the world.
When we embrace wealth as ours to have and ours to share, my goodness.
This world, y'all.
What's on the other side of this collective wealth?
I see more LIFE. I see more love. I see and feel hydration. I see FREEDOM.
This is my invitation to you, to make 2022 your most abundant year yet.
Then, ripple that abundance back into the world. Use money as a tool to replenish, nourish, and empower.
By the end of this year, I dream to have cultivated $1 million in revenue.
I already know exactly how I would use this money.
I would pay myself an abundant salary that makes me feel valued, appreciated, and enables me to thrive and reach my own financial goals. Right now, that number is $250,000.
I would reinvest $300,000 back into my business by creating sustainable job opportunities for QTBIPOC and pay each and every one of my employees a BEAUTIFUL income.
I would redistribute $150,000 into reparations, mutual aid, policies that I believe in, and other organizations that are creating a beautiful world/earth to live in.
What is your abundant dream? What does that look like? Most importantly, what does it feel like?
When I see mine, I feel nourished. This is why wealth feels so sacred to me. It is sacred.
& so it is.