Money Love Letters

  • Diversify your income streams.

    Take a look back on your educational upbringing. What were you taught about money? About business? About entrepreneurship?    When I look back at m...
  • Rewrite your money story.

    The sun is shining here in San Francisco, and I am perched up on my chair next to my window getting sun drunk while I write you this money love let...
  • Abundance is in my blood.

    This month is Filipinx American History Month. It is no accident that this is the month I unraveled something entirely new about my ancestors, specifically my Lola Nanay.
  • Make room for nuance in money.

    When we cultivate wealth and financial wellbeing for ourselves, it radiates collectively. When we look at money beyond just meeting our “basic needs” we can redistribute the wealth we have, without martyring ourselves in the process, and take care of one another.
  • Abundance is our birthright.

    We all have needs and one of those needs is each other. Plants need oxygen. Plants need air. Plants need water. And, plants need the sun. They also need each other, like the fungi and the trees. If nature does this and we are one with nature, why do we preach self sufficiency so much?
  • On financial literacy bypassing.

    Financial advice can be emotionally and spiritually bypassing, and the education that most individuals receive in regards to their financial wellbeing can be dismissive of your financial situation and/or experiences.
  • What is scarcity, really?

    I have to admit, I have not been moving into my days slowly as I usually do. This last week, my morning ritual has been neglected but I am receivin...
  • It is your right to rest.

    Has your employer ever prioritized your right to rest? I don't mean just offering PTO or saying that you should take a vacation. I mean, do they pr...
  • Giving is less vulnerable than receiving.

    I have been thinking a lot about receiving. The pandemic has been a time where I had to learn to really receive. When the pandemic first hit, my pa...
  • Define what is priceless to you.

    I want to share a conversation I had this week with a soul friend of mine, Gaby of Joy Pursuit. We have been friends since 2014 and since then, we'...
  • Death, Grief, and Money.

    End of Life planning and even “After End of Life” planning requires so much empathy and patience. Losing a loved one to death is very traumatic and I have always said financial education and guidance absolutely needs to be trauma informed.
  • All Debt Isn't Created Equal.

    Unfortunately, our culture behind debt literally feeds that shame and guilt. I see articles putting debt on a moral pedestal or, debt has now been categorized in such binary terms such as good vs bad.